Program for Parents Regarding the Effects of Divorce on Minor Children

Because of the extremely emotional nature of divorce and its impact on children, the Superior Court Judges of the Southern Judicial Circuit enacted by Court Order, (December 22, 1997), requiring divorcing parents to attend a mandatory seminar.  The seminar is for all parties in all divorce, separate maintenance, paternity (once established), change of custody, visitation, legitimation (once established), and by specific order of the Court, where the interests of children less than eighteen years of age are involved.

The purpose of the seminar is to provide parents with information on topics including the effects of divorce on children, specifically as it relates to the parent’s actions during and after separation, and as it relates to the children at different developmental stages. Also, the effects of economics of divorce on children.

ANY parenting seminar approved by a Chief Judge of any Circuit in the State of Georgia will be approved by the Superior Court Judges of the Southern Judicial Circuit.  OTHER Programs shall be subject to approval of the Superior Court Judges of the Southern Judicial Circuit.

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