The Colquitt County Treatment Court Staff consists of the Superior Court Judge, the District Attorney, the Public Defender,
a Probation Officer, the Treatment Court Coordinator, treatment providers, law enforcement representative and program evaluator.  The Superior Court Judge chairs the staff who works together to support and monitor a participant's recovery.  Each member maintains a balance of authority, supervision, support and encouragement.

   The Colquitt County Treatment Court Program is flexible to ensure that participants are provided access to the most appropriate treatment paths. Participants are screened and assessed by program staff.  Some referrals may be diverted from jail and enrolled in other treatment programs to address specific needs on a more intensive scale. Participants who are enrolled in the post-adjudication probation program are placed in either the mental health track or the substance abuse track.

        The substance track focuses on repeat drug offenders with little or no history of debilitating mental health issues.  The track has a twelve to twenty-four month completion span.  It focuses on group sessions, frequent drug tests, and twelve step therapies.

         The mental health track is used for those participants with a primary mental health disability.  Many have overlapping
substance abuse disorders.  Often, level of functioning is considered when placing into a track.

         The Coordinator is responsible for overseeing the treatment court budget and resources, grant writing, maintaining
individual files on participants, compiling statistical data and guiding program evaluation.  The Coordinator
monitors the participant's progress, and oversees the strong participants' progress in the program.