HON. JAMES E. HARDY Court Reporter Susan Griffin





TUESDAY MAY 23, 2017


9:30 A.M.


Case No. Parties in Case Attorney

2017CVD496 Steven Thomas Sipes Jr. Katherine Gonos

Decree vs.

Stephanie Brooke Sipes


2017CVD594 Julie N. Wills Richard A. Wilkes

Decree vs.

Hunter B. Wills


2017CVD598 Nicole Sheree Covins Anna Marie Carter

Decree vs.

Dwayne Davon Covins


2017CVD601 Mickey Frank Davis Anna Marie Carter

Decree vs.

Tayrn Davis


2017CVD616 Esther Marquez Ramirez Anna Marie Carter

Decree vs.

Remigio Torres Ramirez


2017CVD663 Annie Elizabeth Washington Anna Marie Carter

Decree vs.

Anthony Jerome Washington


2017CV536 In Re: Pro Se

Name Change Marie Christine Bolduc


2016CR623 The State of Georgia No Attorney

Bond Forfeiture vs.

15 minutes Lamar Defonz Coney J. Bennett Threlkeld*


2016CR341 The State of Georgia District Attorney

Contempt Hearing vs.

30 minutes John Smith Jr. on S.V. Palmer S.V. Palmer

2017CVD762 Michele Davis Pro Se

Temporary Protective Order vs.

15 minutes Williams Manuel No Attorney


2017CVD443 Jonathan L. Barrentine John W. Strickland Jr.*

Rule Nisi Divorce/Custody vs.

45 minutes Desiree Joy Ireland No Attorney


2013CVD2088 Kimberly R. Adcock Richard A. Wilkes*

Contempt vs.

1 hour Richard Keen Jr. O. Wayne Ellerbee

Nancy L. Anderson


2017CVD470 Robert A. Moore Kari Anne Bowden*

Rule Nisi Divorce vs.

1 hours Cassandra Moore aka No Attorney

Reported Cassandra Morrison


2017CVD498 Kristen L. Ballard Jim T. Bennett*

Rule Nisi Divorce vs.

1 hours Brandon Ballard No Attorney